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    Anhydrous caffeine is a high-quality compound that is used by both physically and mentally active people. It is the best-studied thermogenic compound in the world, it works independently of other factors, and at the same time activates the potential of many substances responsible, among others, for the level of adipose tissue. Many of us do not realize how often we use caffeine-containing preparations, but nowadays it is present almost everywhere. It is not only coffee, but also all kinds of energy drinks. Unfortunately, under such forms, apart from caffeine, we also provide a number of completely unnecessary and sometimes even harmful compounds or a large dose of sugar.


    High-quality anhydrous caffeine intensifies the processes related to the reduction of adipose tissue and contributes directly to increasing the effectiveness of our training. Research on it has been going on for many years and gives us positive results regarding its effect on the body. Importantly, it does not adversely affect the liver or other internal organs. For many years, it has been the basic ingredient of almost every pre-workout or fat burner.



    Supplement facts / Składniki aktywne Supplement facts / Składniki aktywne
    Anhydrous caffeine / Kofeina bezwodna 200mg