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    Cat’s claw contains many substances that have a beneficial effect on the human body. Its composition includes iridoids, i.e. organic chemical compounds from the group of monoterpenes. They have very strong anti-rheumatic and analgesic properties. It also contains numerous phenolic acids with anticonvulsant properties, responsible for reducing the excitability of nerves, and thus enabling muscle relaxation. For example, this can provide relief in the case of RLS, a commonplace disorder in society. Flavonoids, also present in devil’s claw, have an antioxidant effect (they minimize the effects of oxidation that is harmful to our body, and also delay the aging process of, for example, the skin). Cat’s claw has a diuretic effect, it also seals the walls of blood vessels, which prevents their excessive sensitivity and easy rupture. It was also found that the substance prevents fever and slows down neoplastic processes due to the presence of sterol compounds.

    Cat’s claw is used primarily in ailments related to the joints (arthritis, rheumatism). It is comparable to anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. It is also used in diseases related to digestion and to cleanse the body of toxins. It allows you to maintain the proper concentration of cholesterol and urea. It relieves the symptoms of gout, kidney diseases and prostate enlargement.

    Supplement facts / Składniki aktywne Supplement facts / Składniki aktywne
    Cat’s claw / Czepota puszysta 500mg