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    Ginseng has a multidirectional effect on the body. It is a herb that affects the central nervous system, improving the ability to concentrate and remember. In addition, it protects the body against osteoporosis, lowers cholesterol, and has anti-diabetic and anti-cancer properties. In addition, it stimulates the immune system to function, protecting against microbes and viruses, and women also appreciate ginseng for the fact that it rejuvenates the appearance of the skin and prevents hair loss. When it comes to men, ginseng is perfect as a potency enhancer. Thanks to it, you can get rid of erectile dysfunction.

    Korean ginseng that has a very long history of use in alternative medicine. It is especially recommended for people struggling with exhaustion, depressed mood and excessive stress. The ginsenosides contained in the plant’s root normalize the functions of many systems and organs, restoring homeostasis in the organism. Korean Ginseng strengthens and energizes, significantly reduces fatigue and improves mood.

    One of the many benefits of Korean Ginseng is cognitive enhancement. Supplementation protects against memory deficits, can increase both working and spatial memory. In addition, it facilitates concentration, promotes clarity of mind and clarity of thinking.

    Korean Ginseng is very popular among men – it acts as an aphrodisiac, has the ability to increase testosterone secretion and prevents sexual dysfunction. It can also increase endurance and shorten recovery time after exercise. Athletes often use Korean ginseng supplements to regulate metabolism and accelerate fat burning.

    Supplement facts / Składniki aktywne 1 capsule / 1 kapsułka
    Korean ginseng extract 10:1 500mg