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    Ginseng has a multidirectional effect on the body. It is an herb that influences the receiving of the nervous system, improving inputs and memory. In addition to this chronic organisms against osteoporosis, lowering the horizontal, as well as anti-diabetic and anti-cancer properties. It also motivates you to add moisturizers and fragrances that also rejuvenate your skin and hair. When it comes to men, ginseng is perfect as a potency lifting unit. Thanks to it, erectile dysfunction can be ruled out.

    Eleuterosides are responsible for most of the medicinal properties of Siberian ginseng. And these properties are really many. First of all, eleutherococcus has an adaptogenic effect – that is, it increases the ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions. This is especially important in the case of stressful conditions. Siberian ginseng extracts support the body in the fight against stress, help to bear it more easily and it is easier to adapt to all kinds of changes. Just like proper ginseng, Siberian ginseng supports brain function, concentration, remembering and learning. It also shows a positive effect in the case of depression and anxiety, alleviating states of worse well-being. It can be used as an auxiliary in the treatment of depression, neuroses, and anxiety disorders. In addition, its influence on the work of the brain will be appreciated by people who are exhausted, performing intense mental work or exhausted by the excess of daily duties.

    Supplement facts / Składniki aktywne Supplement facts / Składniki aktywne
    Siberian ginseng extract 10:1 / 

    Ekstrakt z żeń-szenia syberyjskiego                         

    (including eleuterosides  /       

    w tym eleuterozydy  )