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    Vitamin C has a number of important functions in the body. It participates in the work of the immune system (regulates the process of absorption of pathogenic microorganisms by leukocytes), accelerates wound healing, seals blood vessels and regulates collagen production. It helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, lowers the risk of developing certain cancers, and slows down the aging process.

    Ascorbic acid should also not be taken at night, however. Why? This is the time when, as a rule, we do not eat anything anymore, and the consumption of vitamin C on an empty stomach (regardless of the time) may end up upset. Taking it too late can also cause gastrointestinal reflux.

    The supplement has been additionally enriched with rosehip extract, which has a strengthening effect in states of weakness, fatigue and stress. I will also supplement vitamin C deficiencies and increase the body’s resistance.


    Supplement facts / Składniki aktywne 1 capsule / 1 kapsułka
    Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) /

    Witamina C (kwas L-askorbinowy)


    Rose hips extract 4:1 /

    Ekstrakt z dzikiej róży 4:1